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VSTS Time Entry

This is a System Tray application that connects to your TFS Project and allows you to select a project, Query and Work Item. You can then hit Start which begins keeping track of the time you spend working on the selected Work Item.

Currently when the user hits Stop the application updates the Completed and Remaining Hours for that Task Work Item Type.

Some enhancements I would like to make given time.

Set the Project and Query off the right click on the system tray (similar to the Server)
Make the list of work items a long list so you can just click on the item to start timing. (Or perhaps a clock next to it)
Make the fields it updates configurable in case you have customized the WorkItem.
Configure the Work Item types that should show in the list. For now the Query can do that.
Make it an add in for VS
Add it as a control to the Work item field it self.

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